On my journey
Kærlighed og balance gennem healing

On my journey

Notes from my journey in life -

     Experiences and experiences from the trip -

          Suggestions for your trip!


On my journey


"There was once a beautiful prince/princess."


This is how all good adventures started in my childhood.

Of course, I was the hero of all these stories - who wasn't that in theirs?

Hopefully all children - otherwise, all these beautiful and wonderful adventurers would

not have survived for generations.


But my dreams did not quite reach out to believe that I could create them myself

dream in real life - the life I wanted myself.


It came to mean that several times along the way in my life I went to reason.

Repeated the same pattern as I had been to several times.

But at one point I realized that I had to change these patterns,

for my journey as I wished it was just as I wanted it to be.

Full of dreams, desires, and magic created by me.


Through personal development, therapy and healing, the journey was my life's adventure.

A lovely beautiful and wonderful journey that through conscious choice has just become the journey as I would like to be in my life ♥


This presentation is meant as a loving little initiator for those who experience

repetitions in your life. Maybe you also experienced one or more strandings?


When you become aware that things are repeating, you have become

proven for himself, and then comes the desire to change his life.

This will be the start of a wonderful journey and a new life.

I also want you a nice journey, and maybe we meet somewhere on our common path!

To clear your head



I recommend people to use the writing process to get their head out.

You can use a block, a notebook, or your computer to embody your thoughts.

You just write just what falls into your mind.

There doesn't have to be a system in the writings, but just let your thoughts flow

the process.

If you are missing a keyword to start, then start writing something about why you ended up right here in this situation.

     - What do you no longer have to experience/live through?

     - What could you imagine instead?

When you have become accustomed to being in the flow, you can feel how happy you are about emptying your head / "backpack".

Along the way, I made a checklist myself.



Wish List

A list of what I had forgotten on my journey. So I could rediscover it. Old dreams, people I

had met, places I would revisit, etc.

It could possibly. Be mindful of thanking a particular person who has been there for you -

even though you know the person is well aware that you are grateful.

Say it and feel the energies that come from saying things.

Visit a dear person or a grave of a dear relative.


The letter

If you encounter experiences that you would like to have further processed during the process,

Then write it on a special list.

Then you can write a letter to that person.

In the letter, you can tell everything that you have not been told before, and in that way say thank you, said our goodbye to the person.

The person can be a living or a deceased person - it doesn't matter.

The one thing to get rid of the message is the most important thing.


I needed to write to my late mother. So I did!

A letter dealing with the missing after she had traveled to the spiritual world, the love of her, but also my anger/frustration over the failure and trauma of my childhood.

The theme could also be an ex-girlfriend/partner.

It is only your imagination that sets limits.

Very good writing and a good journey


Fuel for the process

Fill up your system with good energies!

The task is to be aware of when you are happy, being excited, feeling

you in balance, and similar positive energies. In short, all the good energies.

Keep in mind that you need to constantly be aware of your mood and what gives you these wonderful energies.

As you experience them, write them down.

It can be experiences, togetherness, things, everything that makes you happy.


Then take the items from the list and insert them into your calendar week after week,

so that through these proven choices, your life brings positive energies.

Make sure there is always a balance between what you need energy and what gives you

lovely energies


Then you must constantly add new topics to the list.

When some of the topics become less energetic, you just put new things into your calendar.

The exercise is to ask yourself:

      - What gives you good energies?

      - What makes you happy?

      - Self Indulgence.

      -A person.


Sensory experiences:

     - A trip to the beach/forest.

     - A good book / a movie / music / food / drink.

 Energies that give you fuel for the cleanup process.


From we are quite small, many influences define the one we become as an adult human being.

Along the way, in our lives, many are trying to make us become who they think we should be.

We put the experiences we get in the "Backpack.

  • Trauma / experiences / experiences.
  • Programming.
  • "I like that you are always so quiet/sweet

         Hope you have got some inspiration for your own journey

             Wishing you a wonderful lovely journey - filled with everything you deserve

                    Maybe we'll see you somewhere out there on the journey


Many bright and loving energies for you from the universe

We are loved


Hug Finn

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Happy - and in balance

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