Mantra to give positive behavior
Kærlighed og balance gennem healing

What does your "backpack" contain?

Relate to your childhood love


Try for a while to review the daily thoughts and arguments you use in your everyday life.

Be aware of what you say and what attitudes you use with yourself and others

As a rule, your "backpack" contains a lot of opinions and attitudes that we just take-up of the

"backpack" and perhaps use uncritically.



- "People from Africa are not as intelligent as people from the Western world and usually


- "People with higher education are better people."

- "The priest is a person who has a direct line to God."

- "Only some special people are spiritual"


Or what we have been told.

Postulates that do not need to be true or contain facts at all.

Without the right thinking about them, they are part of our consciousness.


- Review your childhood and relate to what you have learned and what you got on the journey.

Keep in mind that what we learn from the age of 0 - 7/9 years becomes our basic education

later in life.

If at the same time we remember that in the same period our experience and distinguishing ability
is not particularly in places.

Our mind and soul are just like a wet and soft clay plate, which just impresses what we are told.

This means that at this time we take over the opinions and attitudes of others without having to relate to what we are told.


I call it programming

It is just the opinions and opinions of others that they have given us on the journey.

Something that they thought we needed to get a really good journey

But many of the things they gave us - they hadn't even dealt with themselves - but just got rid

of other well-meaning people in their childhood.

When you over a period of time, in this way, relate to many of the things that you have in the "backpack" it is also something you need - something you have chosen or  experienced/experienced


In this way, our collective basic knowledge is inherited, completely without being addressed in

the light and revised.

In principle, it can be many 100 years old

Many of the things I had in my "Backpack" needed a very heavy inspection

But exciting is to review the content and relate to it.

In this way, the content in the "Backpack" is exactly what I have chosen myself.

If I then teach it to my children - then our collective learning changes to something we can use -
both individually and in relation to others.


In the future, I want to work on proven to think about myself and what I stand for!


- That all people are lovely.

- That I should seek facts in a case - before I speak in general.

- That there is always an alternative - to this behavior and learning


When I became aware of what I myself was walking around in my "Backpack" I began to relate
very consciously to what I thought

Where did it come from - it was my own experience - something others had said


- You're not good enough - I'm good enough as I am - I'm perfect in my own way

- What I do is not successful - What I do succeed as well as it is possible - Otherwise I try again

- I never get to anything - I can become what I dream of - I want to dream big

- No one loves me - I am loved by the universe - I find one who reciprocates my love

- I am not a person who is worth loving - You are unique as a person - Everyone deserves to be                                                                            loved

- I have to do this.... - To be loved - Don't do anything for others to love you -

- I have no right to be happy - You deserve to be happy - No you have everything right to be happy

For a while, I made some signs to tell my subconscious - what I would like to program my consciousness into thinking.

I made notes as I set up all the places in my own home, which my eyes caught, and thus gave my eyes to read what I wanted to learn.

That way I got myself thinking differently

I have made some examples of examples including inspiration.

If you discover something in your mind that you want to change - make a note and treat it on your own.

That way, you get programmed your subconscious

It may also be that you hear a stanza in a song - that you can relate to and thus make you think differently

Then you can sing it over and over - and learn it this way

I wish you many bright and loving energies - for you and your journey here in life - maybe we meet somewhere in life 
                                                                                                                  Hug Finn