Make a healing
Kærlighed og balance gennem healing

      Make a healing

Don't you want to try to make healing?

Get started Healing has 3 phases:

  1. Tell the universe what your intentions are.
  2. Healing itself.
  3. The end and thanks for the energies.    

1. The intentions of healing.

Start by telling the universe what your intentions are:

"My intentions are to put a lot of good and light healing energies
     on: (Name of person)"  

It is the intentions of what we want that makes things happen.
It is quite simple, no secret rituals and initiations.
A gift we all got when we were born!  

 2. Healing itself

Sit next to the person to be healed.
Put a hand/hands on the person.
The easiest place is just above the lower back, at the back of the back,
which is a great place to be given healing.
You can also choose to place the hand/hands in the place that has pain or
where the symptoms come from.
Then you gather your attention in your head.
Then move the attention from the head up into the universe over you.
Then you imagine the energy coming down through your head, or necking
out through your arm and hand, to end in the one to be healed.

3. Ending.

I always end by thanking the universe for this lovely gift.
Just lots of good healing energy and love from the universe to all of us.
So healing on another human or animal is very easy and simple.
Try it on your closest, your kids, your pet and see how it works.
Cats love to be treated.
Keep in mind that it is the intentions of the healing that is also called the power

of healing prayer, which is it essential.

Self Healing
You can also do a healing on yourself
You follow the instructions above and just put your hands on yourself
You can sit on a chair or lie down on a bed
Schedule with where to put your hands: Hand positions

Remove Treatment
If you cannot be with the person you would like to heal, then send healing to

the person.
Sounds a little strange, but once you have tried it a few times you will see that it is

just as easy and it works

just as amazing.

Here's how you do it:
You start your healing by telling that your intentions are to send remote healing.

Example: "I want to do remote healing: (The name of the person)

"I want the universe to fill him/her with good energy for his own good and to support and

help him in the process he is now doing."

There are many ways to send energy.

When I started sending remote healing to people, I sat down at a table

I used a folded towel in front of me

The towel symbolized the person I was sending healing to

Try out what is best for you!

Download as PDF: Make a healing


Many good and bright energies from the universe to you.

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