About the Peter Pan energies
Kærlighed og balance gennem healing

About the Peter Pan energies

The Peter Pan energies

Having been on some spiritual journeys to various countries, including North and

South America, began the energies in my life and in my treatments to change in a

marvelous way.
There was an incredible amount of strength in the energies, including in my hands.
The hands that I use when I treat others and mysel.

A strength that far exceeded the other energies I had worked with before. bl. a. Reiki and Inca energies.
My hands almost cooked during the treatments, and great and wonderful things happened in connection with treatments.

My own personal journey also took on a new and very exciting way.
My own development came up in a higher and nice gear.
A glow had come into my life that burned to spread this amazing energy.
The energy that contained a clear message that everything is possible, even miracles!
The limitations are within ourselves - not in the universe

This was, in 2008, the start of a wonderful tour around Denmark, year after year, with

Peter Pan Energies on
workshops, treatments, lectures, and courses.
Beautiful people from other countries have met Peter Pan Energizer at these events have

taken the beautiful one's energies home.

Countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Japan.

More are coming.

For me, Peter Pan stands for:

  • Childhood joy. Play the desire.
  • Curiosity.
  • The adventure waiting in our own Neverland.
  • The longing for the lost childhood tale.
  • The childhood feeling of happiness.
  • The desire for the uncomplicated, no rules that bind.
  • Carefree today.
  • Security without limits and rules.

The Peter Pan energies
Stand for the same thing - unconditional love and healing from the universe, to all people

Many course providers have different bids when they sell their reviews their product

"That you first have to control all aspects and trauma in your life - before you are ready to

work with healing.
You must acknowledge a certain conviction about this to heal.
The teaching includes secret rituals and sentences "

In several cases, the courses are quite expensive.
But you are born with the ability to heal yourself and others - so you don't have to pay for it.

Making healing, namely healing, is your birth's gift from the universe.

So let's say thank you univers for this gift - and then get started using it.

Looking forward to showing you the energies

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