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Kærlighed og balance gennem healing

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Welcome and thanks

I am pleased that you are interested in Peter Pan Energy and have looked into my website
Hope you find it interesting  
Perhaps we meet one day on our trip - I really want to show you them so you can have the same amazing experience that I have every day  
Here's a little explanation about what the Peter Pan Energies are Where they come from?
Why they came to be called as they do?
How you can use them in your life?  
Where do they come from?
Home again after some spiritual tours in North and South America, there was an energy a shift in my life.
My treatments became more powerful and filled with magic.
There was incredibly much strength in my hands - which gave these lovely treatments A strength that far exceeded the other energies I had worked with before. including the Reiki and Inca energies.  
On a personal level, a new journey started with these beautiful energies, filled with development and lots

of beautiful experiences.  

Why are they called Peter Pan?
For me, Peter Pan stands for: Childhood joy. Play the desire. Life desire. Curiosity.

The adventure awaits in our own Neverland.
The longing for the lost childhood kingdom.
The childish sense of happiness.
The longing for the uncomplicated, no rules that bind. Worry about the present.
Security without limits and rules.
Peter Pan energies These energies stand for the same - unconditional love and healing from the universe

to all people Peter Pan

The energies belong to the energies of the new age Energetic energies that can accomplish miracles

How you can use them in your life?

What can you and I use these beautiful bright and loving energies for?
After my meeting with the energies, my life changed, something nicer and better
The energies came to fill my life, with light and love.  
All of my experiences came to be filled with love, not just love for myself but also a lovely warm love for my fellow human beings.
My life was filled with wonderful experiences in my everyday life when I "randomly" met other people on my journey.  
My way of experiencing the interaction between the universe and me was changed in a lovely way.
My life goals suddenly became alive and I got a beautiful mission.
This mission became a wonderful interaction between my daily work life and spiritual life.
The energies can I get in touch with - just when it suits me - we can talk and share experiences.
In the same way, as if they were physical in this world.  
They are with me on my journey and give me good travel advice, inspiration and wonderful everyday experiences  

                   I thanks the universe, because I'm a part of the universe and
                                                 because the universe is a part of me.  

                                  Not a drop in the ocean - but the whole sea in a drop    

But keep in mind that you have innate ability to heal All people can heal right from birth.

                                                                    This is a gift that we all share.
Just as natural as this, so that you breathe.
A gift you free can use unlimited to heal yourself and others

So why not get started using the gift.  


Try to make a healing yourself :            👉 Make a healing

What does your "backpack" contain:  👉 "Your Backpack"

Looking forward to showing you your gift and Peter Pan Energy  
Many bright and loving energies for you from the universe  

Hug Finn 

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